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This one is for You …

My love,

A year ago today I had butterflies, ants and lady bugs in my belly as I got ready for the most important day of my life. I woke up that morning excited to embark on the greatest adventure – a life spent with my best friend. As I prepared and got all dolled up all I could think about was how blessed I was to be able to marry the man of my dreams. The day was perfect with everything better than I imagined. The rain didn’t change anything and we both kept our spirits up knowing that rainy days were uncontrollable and that we could still have the best day ever. In the bible rain always meant  blessings, like when they needed rain for the harvest and God opened up the heavens and ended the drought. That’s how I took that rain fall, God opened up the heavens and poured His blessing on our marriage that day.
img_4933A year has now gone by and I honestly cannot believe how quickly that went. Marriage isn’t like college where your professor can sometimes give you a grade curve and even though you failed the exam somehow you come out of it with a passing grade. There’s no instruction manual or “Marriage for dummies” that would honestly prepare you for everything that comes along. We had some tough moments some tough discussions. Moments where I wonder if we didn’t have God at the center of our marriage how we would make it out. More importantly though, we had moments of tremendous happiness and moments of sacrificial unconditional love. Every day I choose you. From the moment I said “I do” my life no longer was about me  but it became about us.
My love, you are my biggest cheerleader. img_4934If it weren’t for the way you believe in me I wouldn’t be writing in this blog right now. You push me and you encourage me in ways I wasn’t use to. You challenge me every day. You are my personal in house comedian and my very own  Guy Fieri.
I love our weekend getaways discovering new things and learning about each other’s interests. Pizza nights with you are my favorite nights. I love that you watch dance competitions with me and are as into Fixer Upper as I am. I love that we share a love for making our house a home and that been my favorite pass time, especially because that usually means a trip to HomeGoods.
I love how obsessed you are with your grass and keeping the yard clean even though we have savage squirrels in our yard. img_4936Our fur babies, Daisy and Luka, agree that you are the best fur dad any dog or cat could ask for. You’re a gift to us all. Thank you for loving Jesus and for being a man that is dedicated to the cause. You inspire me every day.



In short, I love loving you. 

Happy ONE year of marriage and forever to go … we did it – haters gonna hate! (Just kidding, everyone loves us.)

To the moon and back,

Your Wifeypoo 




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