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Favorite Moments | July

July 1st –  Hubby and I had a little date night at Five Guys – we are so fancy! Truth is we wanted to visit a HomeGoods in Edgewater, NJ and then decided we should just have dinner there too. On our way back home we passed by the view of NYC from NJ and walked a bit. It was a rainy day but when we got to the view the rain stopped and a pretty rainbow appeared. I was able to take some pretty shots of the NYC skyline and the rainbow is visible in some.

July 3rd - A spontaneous trip to Alstede Farms. I took the day off since we were going to get Tuesday off as well due to Americas Independence. I thought a 4 day weekend would be fantastic. My husband worked in the morning and I cleaned up the house. I wanted to do something fun and summery but didn't feel like going to the beach so instead we decided to go strawberry and blueberry picking! Everyone loves pumpkin picking in the fall and its this new photo op and social media craze. I do enjoy it as well because it rings in the fall season but honestly the pumpkins don't serve us anything … I really enjoyed picking these fruits though. My husband ate more strawberries then he collected. I don't blame him though because these strawberries were so sweet and juicy. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the blueberry picking because they're so small but it actually becomes addicting, you want to see how much you can fill your little cartoon. They were also very delicious. We really enjoyed this little summer adventure and I hope it becomes a little tradition for us every year.

July 4th - Happy birthday America!! Oh how luck we are to be in this great land. This was a pretty chilled day. Hubby and I just hung out around the house and had some bbq. Put on our American flag shirts and just did nothing all day. It was greeat. We did watch fireworks – on tv and that was more than enough.


July 8th  - This was a tough day … Probably the longest day of my life so far. This was the day we put our little Mimi to rest. I wrote a whole post about this experience here. She is very missed … My mom wasn't here for Mimi's passing and I knew it'd be tough for her so I put a little box together for her with Mimi's collar and seeds for her to plant a garden in Mimi's honor…

July 9th - After a long and very emotional Saturday on this day I had to force myself out of bed and go to church. I did my best not to show how completely sad I actually was at church because some people who have never had animals don't understand how hard it is. I did talk to a handful of people about it though and one particular beautiful soul noticed how sad i was and went out of her way to make me feel better. At the end of the night when we finally got home there was a bag waiting for my at our front door. The bag was full of nail polishes and supplies, a card written with so much love and a jar that i now keep at my desk telling me how much God loved me. I honestly cried when I saw this. There really are some special people in this world and I am so blessed to call them my friends.

July 10th - I picked these bright blue/purple hydrangeas from my garden. I can't wait to grow my garden more each year. my dream is to be able to pick flowers from my garden all summer long. I just love the idea of picking flowers i can bring to someones hows as a thank you for dinner for example… Its a work in progress still but these hydrangeas give me lots of hope.

July 26 - I got to see my beautiful oldest nieces. They were away in Portugal for a month with my mom and they live in PA so I don't get to see them very often. They were at my moms house for a few days so i passed by to see them. I couldn't believe how big they've gotten. They're little women. Its crazy. They're so beautiful too.

July 29-31 - I love weekend getaways and exploring nearby states. America is so beautiful. Growing up with parents who immigrated into the United States from Portugal I was fortunate enough to travel mostly to Portugal during the summers. We would usually do one year Portugal the next year Wild wood. I loved summers in Portugal and am so grateful for that opportunity. I hope to be able to take my children there often as well. My parents also took us to Disney, Canada and Virginia Beach growing up but I have a huge desire to explore more of America. This weekend we went to Newport, Rhode Island. I first discovered Rhode Island when my sister planned my bachlorette there. I loved it so much I wanted to go back and bring my husband. I love the small town feel and the old houses with so much character. the amazing mansions that make you dream about how America use to be. and the food… the food is so good. What I also found awesome was the Portuguese influence in Newport. The restaurants we visited all had some Portuguese related food on the list. For example, The Mooring had a Traditional Portuguese Cod dish. The Corner Cafe is full of Portuguese inspired dishes because of the owners Portuguese decent. Those two are my favorite places to eat there. While driving along the ocean with no destination we came across a monument dedicated to the Portuguese explorers. Of course we stopped and took pictures. Its makes me so happy to see both my countries united. It also makes me so happy to see Portugal, a small country with so much potential being recognized in a great country like America. Newport is beautiful. I would love to retire there one day – oh gosh you know you're old when you're talking about where you want to retire!

The whole reason we went away this weekend though was because we were celebrating one year of marriage! All my previous posts led up to it so I am sure you already knew. I loved celebrating there with my love. He truly is the man for me. Handsome, kind, loving, smart and he loves Jesus. That's perfection right there.


And that's all folks. Cheers to another beautiful month! Lets see what August brings 🙂

Thank you for stopping by.

Love, Sara


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