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Favorite Moments |August



August has departed and the hot summer weather seems to have tagged along too. It feels like fall outside already. I must say that I am excited! I love the fall season. the candles, the fashion, the food and the cozy nights are my favorite.

August was a pretty chilled month for me. Nothing to crazy happened. That may be because it just flew by and we had no chance to really enjoy it. I was able to be more creative with my Mani Mondays this month though which I thoroughly enjoyed. My Saturday posts weren’t as active this month though. I hate to say this but I don’t really know what to post on Saturdays anymore. I need to reevaluate what I want to put on here. I love my Mani Mondays and don’t plan on ending those. I just need some inspiration for Saturday posts.

August 6th: One thing I was able to do this month is have time to read a book. I read “The Shack” and oh my gosh… it was so good. After reading it my husband and I watched the movie and both cried. It was one of those books that made you feel like you were there and because it was about God it was an amazing experience to be a part of. What a beautiful way to learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. One mans heart break proved Gods love. so so good….


August 7th & August 21st: These two were my favorite Manis thus far. I free handed both designs. I hadn’t done that in years and seeing that I still had the patience was reassuring. I loved the colors and the summer vibes they gave. I cannot wait to do more fun designs.

August 12: It was a little cousin of mines birthday party so I was able to see family and most importantly my nieces. I love them so much. I wish they lived closer because I feel like I miss out on they’re growth. I love hearing their stories and their funny jokes. I love seeing them grow individually and find their own interests. Emma is now into cheer leading and looks so adorable in her cheer outfit. Sofia is in soccer, which completely surprised me. She looks so cute in her soccer gear as well. I love them and wish they didn’t have to grow up.



August 19: I finally ordered a wifi enabled SD card for my camera so i spent the day taking pictures. Of course my favorite models were my pets and husband. These are some of the shots I took.

August 26th: this is the day we actually had something exciting happening. It was our dear friends wedding! Much anticipated day. The weather was amazing and they looked so happy. My husband and I were both part of the bridal party, which was so nice. I loved the bridesmaid dresses which believe it or not we got at H&M! They are super comfortable and I’ll def be wearing it again. I did my own hair and makeup for this wedding and was pleased with the outcome. They were married at Maritime Parc in Jersey City which has beautiful views of the NYC skyline. Marc has been friends with my husband Peter for about 7 years. They in college and hat same weekend my husband visited our now home church for the first time and Marc was there too. Since then they’ve been loyal friends. Marc then met Esder at Starbucks and started bringing her to church and her and I quickly realized how similar we are. I say she’s the Asian version of me. We are both three years older than our husbands and our personalities are so similar. I love these two so much and am so happy that they tied the knot. I know that God is in their marriage and cannot wait to see where they go.

We are also close to the rest of the bridal party so this was so much fun to be a part of. All us bridesmaid got along perfectly and had such a nice time together. I loved this wedding.


And that’s it for August. its already feels like fall outside and I am so excited. My husband and I still have our big summer vacation coming up so I am not letting myself get to into the fall vibes until we get back. Stay tuned for some awesome posts about that vacation soon!

I hope you had an awesome August! See you soon 🙂

Love, Sara

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