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Fall Nail Polishes

I have been wanting to sit down and write this post up for ages and today I decided nothing could stop me! So here I am sitting on my living room floor watching YouTube and gazing at my favorite fall nail polishes. It’s a beautiful thing …  I am pretty sure I have already said this, but I love FALL and I love fall polishes. I went through my collection and picked out my top 6 favorite polishes for this time of year. Disclaimer: I did not mean for them all to be OPI polishes but 5 out of the 6 are. That says A LOT.

Cement The Deal – OPI

I love a good grey polish. This is my all time favorite. It’s a light-medium grey with a tint of light blue. It was featured in my last Mani Monday if you’d like to see what it looks like.

It’s a Piazza Cake – OPI

This color SCREAMS fall! Its my favorite from my fall selection. This is a shade that probably isn’t for most people because of how different it is. It is totally for me though. Its the color of the perfect pumpkin with red undertones. It’s so  unique and different.

My Private Jet – OPI

I believe this polish is actually hard to find now because they may have discontinued it – CRAY. If you come across it, I highly recommend you buy it. This is a holographic polish but because of how dark it is, it isn’t that obnoxious halo effect. Its a browney burgundy color with rainbow glitter. Formula is grand on this one.

Grand Canyon Sunset – OPI

This is the perfect pink for Fall. Its muted like a burnt rose shade. It’s very pretty and sophisticated. It’s the safest color from my favorite fall shades.

Black/Silver – Forever 21

Ok, this is my only polish that isn’t OPI for this fall selection. For those of you who are nail polish lovers, I am sorry I may be offending you with this Forever 21 polish! This is actually a good one though! I like seeing black nail polish on people but not on myself I am not sure why, but I don’t like it as much. What I have found though is that I like black polish that has glitter in it. I feel like it isn’t so in your face. So if like me you have a hard time with a completely black polish, find one with glitter in it and I think you’ll enjoy it more. Plus its lots of fun!

Don’t Talk Bach To Me – OPI

Alright, so this one may be controversial for some as a fall polish. It looks lik it would be a lime green but once on your nails its a mustardy green shade. Again, another very unique color that I think fits perfectly into fall. It reminds me of leaves that are starting to change. I love it. Not for everyone but if your brave – rock it!

And that’s it! These are my favorite polishes for the Fall season – the best season!

I hope you enjoyed this one 🙂

Thanks for passing by!

Love, Sara

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