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A Look Back & Looking Ahead

Well hello there it’s been some time! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I wasn’t completely gone, I was still posting my Mani Mondays on there. I just lost inspiration for the blog – I know, too soon! It’s a new year and I’m hoping its one that I can make more time for this space. I thoroughly enjoy being here and sharing my thoughts and projects. The only thing keeping me away is time.

I thought I’d return today with a look back on 2017 and my thoughts on 2018 so far. I cannot believe how quickly the holidays passed. I also realized that putting the décor up is so much more satisfying than taking them all down. Taking the Christmas tree down is actually a bit depressing, isn’t it? It’s a reminder that seasons come and go leaving good memories and sometimes bad ones but ultimately they always teach us something.

A  L O O K  B A C K 

2017 had lots of seasons but overall it was a great year now that I look back at it. Of course, in the not so good seasons I wouldn’t have said this at the time, but when you look back at those moments that weren’t as pleasing, you realize what you took away from them.  I do this thing on Facebook where I create a yearly album for my pictures so that I can just click on 2017 and all the pictures I shared are located in one spot. I also like to name the album something that I am feeling for the year. 2017’s album was titled “Good Vibes Only” … OK, maybe I was trying to be super cool and trendy by naming it that, but I also just wanted 2017 to be a year of peace and happiness. Obviously that’s not completely attainable because um life, but overall it was a year that I learned more about myself and my strengths.

It was my first full year of being a wife and man was that an adventure. I  do love it. It’s challenging and it definitely pulls you out of your comfort zone, but it’s like having a slumber party with your best friend every day! I learned that I do not enjoy ironing clothes, seeing socks on the floor, a messy house and mostly the sound of people chewing drives me nuts … my poor husband. I also learned good things too, like, I really enjoy hosting people in our home, baking isn’t so scary anymore and that I am am really good at keeping succulents alive… (that’s probably not hard to do)

F A V O R I T E  M O M E N T S | 2017

My birthday getaway last year was so meaningful to me. It was just perfect and so me.  I absolutely loved it.

Going to Portugal for the first time with my husband. Learning about his town, meeting his grandparents and introducing him to my town and spending time with him and my grandma.

Exploring Rhode Island  and spending our one year anniversary there was so amazing. Love little cozy cities like that.

Strawberry picking was so much fun this year. it was our first time doing it and i really enjoyed it. It was a spur of the moment thing and it definitely made its way into my favorite moments.


Redoing our backyard this year definitely was a game changer. We now love being in our yard and having BBQ’s. Daisy can enjoy being outside a lot more too. I love how cozy we made it too with our outdoor furniture.

and so many more amazing moments …

L O O K I N G  A H E A D 

I will say that so far 2018 has been challenging. I’m pretty over it to be quite honest… My car has broken down TWO times in the span of ONE week, SEVEN days, and my precious puppy, Daisy, needed an emergency surgery. You know that emoji of the dollar with wings? That’s my 2018 so far. But guess what?! I have already learned a lesson this year – mindset is everything.

This is a space for me to be honest so I’m not going  sit here and pretend like I have been loving all of these bumps we’ve encountered this year already. Truth is they suck and I did get discouraged this weekend. I had no desire to do anything. I couldn’t do much anyway because of Daisy needing to be monitored and I was completely ok with it. But I am learning that the way I look at these situations changes my mood and my outlook. My car breaking down (2xs) is not fun and its pretty annoying but thankfully my dad is the best mechanic on this planet and he’s being very patient with my car and helping us bring it back to life. Daisy needing surgery was very scary considering she’s 10 years old and I cried, yes I did I love her ok? The surgery went well and she’s going to feel a lot better and hopefully this will extend her life. So yes, they are sucky money draining situations but in the end everything worked out. That is the beauty of bad situations.

My Facebook photo album for 2018 is titled “Lavished in Perfect Grace”. Not as trendy as last years moto but way more meaningful to me. What I hope for 2018 is that new memories are made and new adventures are taken but mostly my hope is that no matter the situation I remember that Grace is a gift, that I am favored by God and that He is working out all things and all the blessings for my good. 

This year in this blog i hope to be more honest and talk about life a bit more, not be so scared of being vulnerable. I still share lifestyle  and beauty stuff. Mani Mondays will probably stay only on my Instagram going forward. you can follow me at @saradaniela.

I hope your 2018 is off to a great start and if it isn’t fix your mindset and hope that it’ll be better tomorrow.

Be blessed

xoxo, Sara

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