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Monthly Recap | February 2018


Hello beautiful people! Its time for a monthly recap! It’s been awhile but we are back! February has come and gone in a blink of an eye. I love looking back through my photo album and seeing what I captured that month and remembering some of what happened. I think one day when I look back at this series of monthly posts I’ll appreciate it more than any other type of post because it’ll show where I was at this stage in my life.

February 1, 2018

OPI actually replied to a comment I had left them and I had a total fan girl moment! If you follow me on Instagram, you really should @saradaniela, You’ve seen how obsessed I have been about this Spring Collection form OPI. I talked about it in my last post actually, check it out here.

February 2, 2018

This little one hasn’t had an easy year so far. She had surgery in January and was doing great. But in the last couple of weeks some of her symptoms came back and the one that worries me the most is that her belly is really big and hard … If you believe in praying for animals, I ask that you keep this little one in your prayers.

February 3, 2018

Someone who is close to me was recently diagnosed with cancer and she went into treatment for two weeks. In those two weeks she’d be away from family and in the hospital for that whole period. I wanted to give her something but as much as I love flowers and receiving them, sometimes they don’t do enough. Besides, they don’t last as long. So I with the help of some friends I put together this care package for her. It had a bunch of things she could take into the hospital with her to keep her entertained like coloring books, puzzles and a fidget spinner. We also included a blanket and bath bombs for her relaxation once this phase was over.

This year I have seen and heard of so many people that are fighting some kind of battle. Whether it’s health battle or financial battle. I have definitely been more and more aware that I need to count my blessings. There is a real need out there for us to love on people and for true compassion for people. I want to be the reason for someone’s smile and most of all I want to be the source for someone to find hope in Jesus in the midst of their trouble’s.

February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day. When I was younger I feel like Valentine’s day was a bigger deal to me. I’m not sure why exactly. You’d think now that I am married Valentine’s day would be a huge thing but in reality I think we just try having “Valentine’s day” often throughout the year so that day isn’t as big anymore. I know that sounds so “omgosh so cute sara” but that’s not my point. I think we have made love an event and a feeling so much in society that we forget the work it takes every day and not just on that one day. I am not saying that my husband and I aren’t going to celebrate valentine’s day – I love decorating my house with hearts and pink and reds whenever I can!  What I mean is that we need to focus on love every day and the fact that it isn’t about the googly eyes and the burst of emotion we feel every other day, it’s about the everyday choice to love each other. That’s what needs to be celebrated.

On actual valentine’s day I made us dinner like every other night but on this night I took out the fancy plates and lit some candles. Then on the weekend we went out to eat. I don’t like going out on actual Valentine’s day because of the crowds and how things are overpriced and don’t taste as good.


February 18, 2018

This was one of my favorite days from this month because I got to spend it all with two of our nieces – Emma and Sofia. They live farther away so getting to see them takes a bit more work. They sometimes come down and spend the weekend at grandmas so this weekend I took them for a day and cancelled all my other plans for them. It was a super healthy day … haha right  … we had Starbucks, made our own pizzas, went to Cold Stone then went home and baked some brownies and finally ended our day eating Mc Donald’s. Yeah … when I recapped the day and realized everything we consumed I was almost embarrassed! Key word there is almost! At the end of the day we had the best time with them. They such a joy to be around. So smart and polite. They’re growing up so fast and it breaks my heart realizing that soon they won’t want these days with their Tia and Tio.

The rest of the month involved working a lot, awesome Connect Group nights, our heater system not working and some flooding in the basement. Overall it was a good month and a month but I am excited to see what March will bring.

How was your month? What were your highlights? I am so excited for spring to start!

Love, Sara

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