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Travel Makeup Bag

Hey beautiful people!

I recently went to Disney with my husband for three nights. Yes, my husband and I went on our own with no kids. Why is that hard for some people to grasp? Haha … you should never lose the child within. My husband had never visited Disney (I know .. so sad) so we decided he should experience the magic on his own before kids come and take over our world.

It was a lot of fun. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees during the day and chillier at night. I will say that it was exhausting. In one day we did 6 miles of walking!! I knew I needed to bring make up that would give me the coverage I wanted, which isn’t a lot, and the comfort of lasting me the whole day.

Disclaimer: I am not a makeup expert, I just watch A LOT of YouTube and know what works for me.


I hoard minis. That felt good to say out loud! I hoard them for times like these. Traveling with big products is never fun especially when you’re only taking carry ons. So I searched through my minis stash and found two moisturizers I wanted to bring with me.

Clinique – Moisturizing Gel

This was the first moisturizer I used when I was a preteen. My mom always made sure we were moisturizing our skin and for that I am thankful. I hadn’t used it in YEARS before using it again during this trip. Because I would never really use makeup when I was a preteen or a teenager for that matter, I didn’t know how this would be under makeup. Well, I did not like it under my foundation. It made my foundation so streaky. Both the IT cosmetics CC cream and the Glossier didn’t work with this moisturizer. The gel consistency although nice when nothing is being applied over it did not work with foundation.

Claudalie – Vinoperfect Serum

I took this product mainly for night time. I love moisturizing my fave before bed. I just think it makes such a difference in the morning. I liked it. It didn’t change my life but it wasn’t bad either.

Foundation and Concealer

IT Cosmetics – CC Cream

This is my everyday “foundation”. I love this stuff. I love how natural it looks and the way it feels on my skin. I hate the feeling of having makeup on my face and this is the opposite. A CC cream is lighter than a foundation and is used to even out your complexion. I use the color “light” on an everyday basis but in the summer once I get my tan on I am a medium. This little sample I had was in the medium shade but I mixed it with the product I’m about to talk about next to lighten it up a bit.

Glossier – Perfecting Skin Tint

And all the trend setters are jumping in their seats right now. Yes, I fell for the infomous Glossier.

This is another “foundation” that doesn’t do much for coverage. This one especially is literally just a tint. I love how light it is though and I love that it’s hassle free and it makes me feel like I’m covered without covering too much. This is what I like to wear on the weekends when I’m doing groceries or something. This is the shade medium that I use and I’d say it’s probably going to be light when I tan. It is buildable so it may work. Really enjoying this stuff.

NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer

I just started using this concealer about a month ago. I have always used the Urban Decay weightless concealer and love it. I was in need of a concealer and purchased the mini of this one and really liked how brightening it was. I love concealer. If I was restricted to only using three make up products I’d choose concealer, blush and mascara. I feel like with those three you can always look put together. Anyway, this concealer is great and the price difference to the UD one is only a dollar and some change so why not give it a go for awhile. So far so good!

Face Powders

Blush – Makeup Geek

This is my favorite blush ever, hence why I’m almost out of it. Which I don’t want to talk about because I don’t think Makeup Geek is making this blush shade anymore!!!! *runs away crying* … the formula is great but the shade is the best. I’m sure I can find this shade in another brand but I can’t walk away from it just yet … it’s the perfect pink flush on the face. Makes you look awake and like your cheeks were just pinched.

Bronzer – Benefit Cosmetics Hoola

I brought this product and honestly didn’t even use it. Brought it in case I felt like tanning up my face. Guess I was content. To be honest, I hardly ever use this. It sort of scares me because I’m not sure how to really apply it and am afraid of looking like I rubbed mud on my face and let it dry.

Eyes and Lips

benefit cosmetics – Badgal Bang

Ok, so I decided to purchase the mini version of his mascara because of all the mixed reviews. I needed to try it for myself. Benefit make my favorite mascaras so I had high hopes. Well… I hate this thing. It was the only mascara I took on this trip and I really tried to love it and make it work but no. It’s thick and clumpy. I’m not opposed to that but then it doesn’t separate the hairs it clumps them together. It def lengthens, that for sure it does. But no, I will not be purchasing this thing.

Glossier – balm dotcom

I like this stuff, I think its great mostly because I can use it on my cuticles and dry spots also. I like how smooth it leaves my lips feeling especially when I put it on before bed.

Also in my bag were some makeup wipes, because lets face it on vacation you don’t want to spend too much time removing your makeup either. These are my favorite makeup wipes. They don’t break me out and they remove makeup super well. I also brought two brushes, one for powder and one for applying my foundation. Nothing fancy just two brushes I found at TJ Max.

Depending on where I go i bring more or less makeup. For this trip I brought the basics because I just wanted to look decent and not spend too much time on it. I sometimes bring a highlight and some eye shadows if I know I will be going out at night.

I plan to show you my everyday make up soon too. Maybe in a video format … maybe not. We’ll see!

Till then, hope you’re blessed.

Love, Sara

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