I recently started listening more to podcasts, mainly because I can’t stand the radio anymore. When are we going to have new good music out??

I came across a Podcast that’s called “The Next Right Thing” with Emily P. Freeman. This podcast is about helping you make right decisions so every week she tackles a topic that may interfere with our decision making. I started from her very first podcast and the second one really made me think. It’s about fear.

Emily’s voice in itself is very calming, I love listening to her while I’m driving. She’s also Christian so she always adds in that perspective. Emily tells a story of a trip she needed to take to the Philippines and was reluctant in going because of two things:

1 – she doesn’t like flying

2 – she was afraid of getting sick in a foreign country.

She’s talking to someone who tells her “hey, there are a lot of reasons to say no, but don’t let fear be one of them.” How many times do we let fear be the answer? We let the fear of the unknown and the fear of leaving comfort zones guide the direction of our lives. Hey, you don’t have to pretend that this doesn’t happen to you, I feel this a lot.

Fear of following a dream or reaching a goal. Fear that I won’t be able to live up to the expectations. These are real fears for me sometimes.

Just last week I heard someone say that at the root of wanting to be in control is fear. That really stuck with me because I could totally see that in reference to the things I sometimes fear. For example, I have a fear of flying. I don’t like it, never have. As a kid I would stop eating for a whole week leading up to our flights and the day before I’d start crying and saying goodbye to my pets and my bed. To this day the week leading up I stop eating and become very quiet. Crying doesn’t happen as often but believe me I really want to some times.

I don’t like flying because it’s out of my control. I don’t know who’s flying the plane. I don’t understand the way airplanes work so my body and emotions react in fear. I heard a story once about a little boy that was sitting on an airplane all by himself and super calm. The person sitting next to him was impressed because he himself was stressed out about this flight. As he watched the little boy he couldn’t help but wonder what this little boy was feeling and why he was so calm, so he asked him. The little boy looked at him and said “My dads the pilot.” He knew who was in control.

Interesting right?

Most of the time there is a source for the fear we hold. A fear of failure could be rooted in insecurity. That’s one I often battle. However, just because you may find the source of your fear it doesn’t always remove it. Often times in the midst of these feelings I HAVE TO stop breathe and talk to the one that calms the waters – Jesus.

Fear is real but it’s also a liar. Fear is the enemies way of stopping us from walking in our purpose. Each time we decide to let our faith be bigger than our fear we are literally winning a battle.

I pray that in the midst of your fears you find your courage and you step out of your comfort zone and let God have control.

Here’s a song I love… sing it out.

Be fearless.

❤ Sara

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