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Crowned With Curls


I recently posted the above photo on Instagram (@saradaniela) of my curly hair. I was asked but a few people what it is that I use in my hair to make my curls look so defined. Well first, thank you for thinking it looks good because honestly it’s a love hate relationship with the curls (I’ll talk more about that in a few seconds). Secondly, thank you for thinking that I have this fancy routine I use. Either way I figured that the curly hair thing would be a great topic to talk about since so many of us naturally curly hair are all searching for answers on how to tame it.

My Curly Hair Journey

I was born with naturally curly hair and the curls were super cute and bouncy. But when I reached a certain age, if you look through pictures, it’s like my curls disappeared. Like lots of kids my curls became waves after my first haircut and I guess my mom thought it’d be easier to just blow dry my hair I never realized that U had curly hair. Mind you this was before straightening irons became a real thing and I have a lot of hair so it wasn’t always fun blow drying my hair. I think it was about 5th or 6th grade when I realized that I had curly hair and that I could probably try leaving it curly. These were the days of that hard crunchy curly hair that still makes me cringe when I remember…


After many attempts at trying to love the curls I started giving up and my mom felt bad for me and decided to help me tame them. I did at least two different relaxers, tried different haircuts and nothing seemed to make it easier. So I decided I should just invest in a really good straightener and straighten it every once in awhile so I’d feel pretty. It’s amazing how hair can influence you self esteem. Am I the only one? Straight hair always makes me feel more put together and I even think that other people respect me more. I laughed out loud as I typed that because its sounds so silly… but it’s true.

After so many years of trying to figure out my curly hair I think I have finally found what works for me. I am no expert all of this is purely experience and what I have found makes my hair look and feel healthier. The key word there is healthier, that my curly hair friends is the secret to beautiful curls.

My Hair Routine

Whenever I get asked what I do to get my hair curly I giggle a bit because honestly I don’t do anything special or extravagant, I think.  I have tried so many different products and some really expensive ones and honestly those big brands that claim to be aimed at curly hair have never really impressed me. I have found that the key to curly hair is moisturizing. Curly hair is naturally very dry. The ends of my hair have made me cringe so much in the past. Today I can say that my ends are so much more healthier.

Shampoo & Conditioner

So I swear that my hair gets tired of having the same shampoo and conditioner for a long time. I constantly switch my shampoo but I always stay in the same brand. I love OGX, I have found this to be my favorite shampoo and conditioner. They have so many different options which allows me to switch every so often. Right now I am using this one which is infused with Marula Oil and is suppose to hydrate your hair. I also really love their Teatree Mint Shampoo and conditioner, it feels so refreshing. I always have to buy more conditioner than shampoo. This is where the moisturizing starts for me. I am not frugal in the amount of conditioner I use and I focus a lot of it on my ends. Also, I leave it in my hair for a while as I shave my legs and wash my body (we are getting personal).

Hydration & Moisturizing Products

After I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair I go into more moisturizing. Argan oil is such a great oil for healthy hair. I have been using this one from OGX and have been enjoying it. I like that its a spray and i can spray it all over my hair, again focusing a lot of it on my ends. Sometimes this is all I put in my hair and let it dry. Another tip I think has worked for me is that I give my hair a break every once in awhile where I only add gel to my hair on the weekends and during the week I’ll let it be itself.

I have been using Black Castor Oil for a year now and um where has it been on my life? This oil is said to moisturize, strengthen and help with growth. It does not smell good. I actually got the lavender scent hoping it would be better but it still has a weird smell to it. It kind of smells like what your hair smells like after being around a bonfire all night. I use this as a mask some times and other times I only put it on my ends. I do think this helps with growth which is amazing because curly hair usually does not grow quickly.

Gel and Styling

And this ladies is my pride and joy … This is the only gel I will ever use for the rest of my life. It has been my ride or die for YEARS. It does not crunch up my hair and it lets my hair be itself. I have tried some of those expensive gels and hair products and always come back to this. I love it. Its Treseme Flawless Curls and it has to be in this bottle (probably too dramatic but I swear by this.)

I am sorry if I disappoint you. You were probably expecting some magical products that all the big names use but I am just a normal girl with crazy curly hair. These are the products that help me tame my mane. Some other things that I think have really helped my curls are:

  • a good hair cut
  • trimming your hair every so often and removing the dry ends
  • hair masks help!

For the girl struggling to love her curly hair – embrace it. We are at such an advantage with our beautiful curls, we can wear it curly or straight! Those straight hair people would love curls! Curls are fun and so so pretty!



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