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Fall Nail Polishes

I have been wanting to sit down and write this post up for ages and today I decided nothing could stop me! So here I am sitting on my living room floor watching YouTube and gazing at my favorite fall nail polishes. It's a beautiful thing ...  I am pretty sure I have already said… Continue reading Fall Nail Polishes

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It’s all about Fall!

Hello beautiful people! Fall is upon us and I couldn't be happier! I love this time of year so so much. I love the fall colors and the fall fashion - boots, cozy sweaters. I love the trees and seeing all the pumpkin/apple picking photos on social media. I just love a change in season… Continue reading It’s all about Fall!

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Mani Monday | October 2nd

Hello ladies! It's Monday, again. Today many of us woke up to the horrific news from Vegas... my thoughts and prayers are with all the families affected by this tragic event. The world needs more Jesus. Love must be the driving force for each of us... It's officially fall so I am transitioning my nail… Continue reading Mani Monday | October 2nd

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Favorite Moments |August

  August has departed and the hot summer weather seems to have tagged along too. It feels like fall outside already. I must say that I am excited! I love the fall season. the candles, the fashion, the food and the cozy nights are my favorite. August was a pretty chilled month for me. Nothing… Continue reading Favorite Moments |August

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Mani Monday || August 21st

Helloooooo!!! Here we are again - Monday. For some it's a drag for others it's a new beginning. I am especially excited for today's Mani Monday!!! A few weeks ago I did pineapple nails and followed this trend happening right now. This ones a trendy one too since I keep seeing cactus stuff everywhere. I… Continue reading Mani Monday || August 21st

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Mani Monday || August 14th

hello ladies!I am having weekend withdrawals. Summer is slipping away and I am both sad and excited. Sad because I really enjoy summer nights sitting outside on the porch and chilling out but excited because that means fall is coming and I love fall! I am so glad that Jersey experiences the four seasons.But enough… Continue reading Mani Monday || August 14th